A Critical Appraisal of The Diagnosis and Management of Presumptive Meningitis

Original article


M. M. Ben Halim, H. Talha

Department of Paediatrics, TMC, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol. 2, No. 3 (March 2003): 43-46


One calendar year retrospective study of 37 patients, with presumptive meningitis, revealed true incidence of 0.9%, 75% pyogenic and 25% aseptic; equal gender and older patients with aseptic variety. Most patients presented with fever and vomiting, and headache at and after 4 years of age. Blood and CSF results showed many irregularities and much so that the authors, in view of experience gained, tabulated practical easily applicable step concerning diagnosis and management of presumptive and true meningitis. The authors recommended highlighting the public and physicians. Awareness of meningitis, its danger and costs, adoption of more modern diagnostic modalities, and routine MRI brain screening for common albeit occult and asymptomatic CNS complication

Keywords: Meningitis, diagnosis, management, Libyan children

Link/DOI: http://www.jmj.org.ly/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1261