A Prospective Study of Acute Appenticitis in Benghazi

Original article


F.S. Rakas, D.P. Chawla

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi, S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 9, No.2. January 1986: 45-53


Acute appendicitis is the commonest cause of ‘Acute Abdomen’ in the developed Western world and also many developing countries.
With the increase of per capita income of the Libyan population, increased westernization especially in dietary habits such as the over use of low residue, refined food, has brought in its wake, an increased incidence of ‘acute appendicitis’ in recent years, as observed at Al-Jalla hospital, Benghazi, Libya.
A total or 897 cases of appendicitis were admitted at Al-Jalla hospital, Benghazi, during a one year period of April, 83 – March, 84. 774 cases were given definitive treatment for appendicitis while the remaining 123 cases were subjected to close observations until relieved of their symptoms the diagnosis of appendicitis in these cases was refuted and they thus were spared an unnecessary operation for their possibly non-surgical diseases.
9.2% rate of <> at operation showing <> of 91.8% and a <> of 0.12% in our series are all commendable, but a emorbidity rate>> of 29.6% and <> rate of 55.7% in the perforated appendicitis group remain as challenges to be overcome. Better operation theatre facilities and better operative techniques need to be developed. Anaerobic culture facilities need to be extended. Better understanding of various modes of prevention of wound infection viz; Antibiotic prophylaxis, delayed- primary closure of wound, intraperitoneal lavage and drainage in cases of appendicular peritonitis, need to be established.

Keywords: Acute Appenticitis