A Prospective Study of Bacteriuria in Libyan Adults

Original article


Abida Malik 1, O.A. Kadiki 2, and I.M. Kashbur 1

1-Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi, S.P.L.A.J. 2-Consultant physician and Director, Diabetic Clinic, Sidi Hussein Polyclinic, Benghazi, S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol.8, No.2 July 1985:155-158


A prospective study was carried out to discover the prevalence of asymptomatic bacteriuria among Libyan adults attending one of the polyclinics at Benghazi for reasons other than urinary complaints. A total of 628 cases were screened. Covert bacteriuria was found in 4.5 percent of pregnant females and 2.2 percent of non-pregnant females while 0.74 percent males were bacteriuric. Escherichia coli was the commonest organism isolated from these patients. An increased resistance was found to some of the commonly prescribed antibiotics, especially ampicillin (75% resistant) cotrimoxazole (62%) and tetracyclin (62%). Nitrofurantoin was active against 81% and cephaloridine against 87.5 percent of isolate.

Keywords: A Prospective Study of Bacteriuria in Libyan Adults