A study of Tinea capitis in Libya (Benghazi).

Original article


Malhotra YK, Garg MP, Kanwar AJ, Nagrajan S.

Sabouraudia. 1979 Sep;17(3):181-3.


Tinea capitis formed 20% of all superficial mycotic infections, which in turn represented 12% of all skin disease diagnosed at the skin outpatient department of Al-Jamaheria hospital in Benghazi. The majority (94%) of tinea capitis occurred in children. A sample of 200 cases cultured revealed Trichophyton schoenleinii to be the most prevalent species of dermatophyte (69.5%) followed by Microsporum audouinii. (23.8%).

Keywords: A study of Tinea capitis in Libya (Benghazi).