Acute Pyomyositis-a case report

Case report


Rasheed, A.S.M.A 1; Behaih, I.O. 2

1-Department of Surgery (orthopaedics),Al Arab Medical University,Benghazi, G. S.P.L.A.J. 2-Senior house officer, AL-JALA Hospital, Benghazi

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol.12, No.1-2. January 1989:70-72


A case of acute Pyomyositis caused by a Providence organism in an eighty year old man is presented. The initial diagnosis was infection in a previously operated hip and upper femur, the diagnosis was made on incision and drainage of the lesion. Supportive measures, antibiotic therapy, and prompt surgical debridement and drainage resulted in recovery of the patient. Unfamiliarity and unawareness of this entity remain the major obstacles to its appropriate management in countries where the condition is rare.

Keywords: Acute Pyomyositis