Air- Borne Fungi In Zawia, Sabrata And Tripoli

Original article


Shaban A. Abdulmola, Abid . Bhutta, Rajinder M. Joshi, Mohammed A. Khadre

The National Medical Research Centre, Zawia

LJMR. Vol 1, No.1 2002: 82-86


In the present study of air-borne fungi, isolates belonging to 11 different genera and 15 different species were obtained from samples of Human inhabitation, animal farms , agriculture farm and sea-side.
These samples were taken from : Zawia, Sabrata and Tripoli areas. Altemaria tennis was the commonest isolate in the present study irrespective of the area studied, followed by isolates belonging to the genera Aspergillus, Rhizopus and Mucor. Isolates from other genera included Fusarium, Hormodendrum, Acremonium, Scopularioopsis, Pullularia, Penicillium and Gliocladium sp. The pathogenic importance of air-borne fungi is briefly discussed.

Keywords: Air- Borne Fungi In Zawia, Sabrata And Tripoli