Aljala Hospital Intensive Care Unit

Original article


M. A. Lenghi

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Garyounis, Benghazi, S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 2, No.1. January 1979:35-42


1. The main function of an intensive care unit is to save the patient’s life by preventing the final common pathways of fatal disease or major trauma.
2. Size, site, staffing and basic equipment required for an l. C. U. have been outlined.
3. Certain problems arising from intensive therapy are discussed and techniques to be mastered by the staff are briefly mentioned.
4. Admission and discharge policy must be observed by all members of the staff and these units must not become a home of lost causes.
5. Accumulation of information in intensive care units demanded the design of various methods of collection, storage analysis and display with the evolution of different charts specific to these data.
6. The recent introduction of computor technology into I. C. U. facilitated data collection, processing, analysis and display of vital informations.
7. The various types of Intensive Care Units have been discussed, which may differ in details but basically they are the same.

Keywords: Aljala Hospital Intensive Care Unit