Anaemia in the Elderly: a cross-sectional study

Short communication


Zuhair M. Shawagfa , Asem Momani , Mohammed. Al-Jamal, Sameer Al-Kofahi, Ahmad Al-Khawaldeh and Mohammad Al-Sharman M

Prince Rashed Hospital, Jordan

JMJ Vol. 7, No. 2 (Summer 2007):145-147


Objective: To review the surveillance and aetiology of anaemia in the elderly at the north of Jordan. Methods: Retrospective study was conducted over a period of three years from June 2003 to June 2006 compiled Hospital records data of all anaemic patients aged > 65 year seen at the clinics and medical wards of prince Rashed Hospital. Results: One-hundred and fourteen patients were seen over the study period, 68% of them aged 65-74, Sixteen patients (14%) had cognitive impairment, main causes were iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) (11%), anaemia of chronic illnesses (26%), megalobastic anaemia (23%). Conclusion: Underlying diseases of anaemia in the elderly were obvious in most cases, and this could help in their management and rehabilitation.

Keywords: Anaemia, Elderly Jordanian, Prince Rashed Hospital