Analysis of erythromycin and tylosin in bovine muscle using disposable screen printed electrodes.

Original article


Ammida NH, Volpe G, Draisci R, delli Quadri F, Palleschi L, Palleschi G.

Departament of Chemistry, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya.

Analyst. 2004 Jan;129(1):15-9.


A disposable electrochemical enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of two macrolides (erythromycin and tylosin) in bovine muscle was developed using a screen printed electrode (SPE) system as a differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) transducer with mouse anti-erythromycin (and anti-tylosin) monoclonal antibodies (MAb) serving as molecular recognition elements. The immunochemical system makes use of the competition assay principle, and employs an erythromycin (or tylosin)-BSA conjugate as coating molecule. After competition between free and coated analyte for the antibodies, the activity of the alkaline phosphatase labelled antiglobulins was measured electrochemically using 1-naphthylphosphate as substrate. Using standard solutions of erythromycin and tylosin, the detection limit of the assay was 0.2 ng mL(-1) determined to be for erythromycin and 2.0 ng mL(-1) for tylosin, while the sensitivity (25% inhibition concentration) was 1.0 ng mL(-1) for erythromycin and 3.0 ng mL(-1) for tylosin. The suitability of the assay for quantification of erythromycin and tylosin in bovine muscle was also studied. Spiked and real samples were analysed using the immunosensor system developed here. The ELISA showed precision values (relative standard deviation, RSD%) ranging from 4 to 9% for erythromycin and from 8 to 15% for tylosin; the accuracy (relative error, RE%) ranged from -11 to 6% and from -4 to 12% for erythromycin and tylosin, respectively. Results obtained on real samples were confirmed by micro-liquid chromatography coupled on line with tandem mass spectrometry (micro-LC-MS-MS), using an atmospheric pressure ionisation (API) source and an ionspray (IS) interface. The latter provides unequivocal identification and quantification of the analytes at the level of interest.

Keywords: Erythromycin,Tylosin,Muscle, Skeletal