Anaphylactic shock in a patient with ruptured hydatid liver cyst owing to trivial abdominal trauma.

Case report


Yahya AI, Przybylski J, Foud A.

Surgical Department, Zliten Central Hospital, Libya.

J R Coll Surg Edinb. 1997 Dec;42(6):423-4.


A 16-year-old Libyan male was admitted to the Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) of Zliten Central Hospital after he had been hit on the abdomen by a football, his main symptom was upper abdominal pain. The patient looked pale, was dyspnoeic and had an unrecordable blood pressure level. Abdominal examination revealed tenderness, guarding and rigidity all over the abdomen. Other results were normal and there were no external signs of injury. The patient received intravenous fluid, analgesia and oxygen by mask. Peritoneal lavage was performed and a small amount of sero-sanguineous fluid was expelled. After resuscitation measures his blood pressure rose and the patient was taken to the operation theatre for a laparotomy.

Keywords: hydatid cyst,Echinococcosis,Echinococcus granulosus,Anaphylaxis,Anaphylactic shock