Anderson Hynes versus Foly’s Y-V open pyeloplasties

Original Article


Muftah EL-Garba, Fathi Triki, Raof Elkafi

EL-Hawary Urological Centre, Benghazi Libya

JMJ 2009,Vol.9, No.1: 56-59


Objectives: Analytic study for patient’s characteristics and open surgical techniques for patients diagnosed with UPJ obstruction in Benghazi, single centre experience. Methods: A retreospective study of Forty-six patients admitted to Al Hawari Urological Centre in Benghazi Libya diagnosed as UPJ obstruction during a period of 36 months started from 1. 1. 2001 to 31. 1. 2003, 46 out of 132 with hydronephrosis [34%] were diagnosed as UPJ obstruction indicating that the UPJ obstruction constitutes the most common cause of hydronephrosis in our centre. Clinical data regarding age, gender, complaint, laboratory investigations and KUB imaging studies, types of UPJ obstruction, side of UPJ obstruction, types of operations and post operative complications were analysized and evaluated in our series. There were two common types of open operations, Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty [38 cases] and Y-V folly’s pyelplasty (8 cases) total 46 patients, the patients were discharged on 5th – 7th day post operatively. Results: 58% of cases were adults, both gender were affected equally and the most common presentation was loin pain [56.2%] followed by UTI [18.7%] and accidental [12.5%]. The age ranged between 2 months -70 years. The condition was most common in left side 25 cases [52.08%],and 20 cases [41.6%] on the right and bilateral affection in 6.2%. Success and failure rate of both procedures [94% – 75% respectively] and the post operative complications (fever, haematuria and urinary leak and their conservative management were reviewed.) 38 cases subjected to Anderson-Hynes pyelplasty [79.1%], the success rate was 36 cases [94.7%] and failed in 2 cases 5.3%. Foly’s Y-V repair was done in eight patients, the success rate was 6 cases [75%]. Conclusion: UPJ obstruction was not uncommon in our society. Open Pyeloplasty still giving good results and good success rate and rare possibility of post operative minor complications. So, these practices should be encouraged, it is recommended that early diagnosis of congenital urogenital system anomalies particularly UPJ obstruction antenatally is required to avoid complications.

Keywords: Uretero-pelvic junction obstruction (UPJ), Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty, Foly’s pyeloplasty.