Anterior chamber lens after vitreousloss and its complications

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Sabah El-Dressi and Abir Benamer

Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty Of Medicine, University Of Garyounis, Benghazi, Libya

JMJ Vol.4 No. 3 (Winter) 2005: 221-222


Aim: Vitreous loss is a serious complication of cataract surgery. Following vitreous loss it is common practice to perform a primary implantation of an anterior chamber lens (AC-IOL). Patients and Material: 300 consecutive patients of cataract extraction performed at the Great River eye hospital Benghazi were analyzed retrospectively with special attention to those patients in whom vitreous loss occurred and an AC-IOL was placed. There were 30 such patients. 19 patients with senile mature cataract, 9 patients with senile immature cataract, 2 patients with, traumatic cataract. Result: the visual acuity of those patients seen post operatively were 6/60 and less. Complications that occurred were discussed. The complications associated with vitreous loss and with AC-IOL may be acting in concert to cause visual disabling. Conclusion: Vitreous loss during cataract extraction and implantation of AC-IOL result in significant reduction in visual acuity post operatively.

Keywords: Anterior chamber, Intraocular lens (AC-IOL)