Appendiceal mass: interval appendicectomy should not be the rule.

Original article


Adalla SA.

Department of Surgery, Central Hospital, Tripoli, Libya.

Br J Clin Pract. 1996 Apr-May;50(3):168-9.


Appendicitis is the most common acute abdominal condition in Libya. Delay can result in the presentation of a patient with generalised peritonitis or an appendiceal mass. Clinical diagnosis of an appendix mass was made in 30 patients over three years at the Central Hospital: three required emergency appendicectomy within 48 hours of diagnosis, and another two had an elective appendicectomy for recurrent right iliac fossa pain two and three months after presentation, respectively. The remaining 83%, who were followed up for six months to three years (mean 15.5 months), did not require surgical intervention. An appendiceal mass should no longer be regarded as an indication for interval appendicectomy.

Keywords: Appendiceal mass, Appendicularl mass,appendicectomy,Appendix,Appendicitis