Arterial Injury In Stab Wounds to the Extremity

Original article


F. Rakes, M. Mansouri, R. faiyad, A. Hudari

Garyounis University, Department of Surgery, Jala Hospital, Benghazi-Libya

JMJ Vol. 1, No. 2 (November 2001): 35-38


In a period of 35 months, we reviewed the reliability of the physical examination, management and results of arterial injuries in cases of penetrating wounds to the extremities inflicted by knives. The study included 48 patients who were admitted to Jala hospital-Benghazi because of stab injuries. The diagnosis was made on physical examination alone without arteriography. Immediate exploration was required in 75% of the patients. Reliability of physical examination in comparison with the operative findings was estimated. Life saving procedure was successful in all patients. Immediate limb salvage was as obtained in all cases.

Keywords: Arterial injuries, penetrating wounds, limb salvage