Bladder Hernia

Case report


Anuj Mishra ¹, Ahmed ElUsta ², Tamer Abdulmola ², Norredin Hamza ³, Ehtuish F. Ehtuish²

1-Department of Radiology, National Organ Transplant Centre, Tripoli Central Hospital. 2-Department of Surgery, Tripoli Central Hospital, University of Al-Fateh. 3-Department of Urology, Tripoli Central Hospital, University of Al-Fateh. Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol.8, No.2 (Summer) 2008:153-155


Objectives: We report the first case of a huge bladder hernia associated with obstructive uropathy in Libya.
Methods: We report the case of a 70 year old male patient who presented with interrupted voiding with a need for scrotal compression to complete voiding. Physical examination showed a left inguino scrotal hernia. A CT urogram confirmed the diagnosis of bladder hernia with a crossing artery anterior to the neck of the hernial sac. Inguinal hernioplasty with bladder hernia reduction was indicated and performed. Results: Morphologically and functionally satisfactory results were obtained after the surgery. No further clinical signs and symptoms occured. Conclusions: Bladder hernia is a rare condition and should be sought prior to hernioplasty.

Keywords: Bladder hernia, Urogram, Obstructive uropathy, Inguinal hernia