Breast Cancer in Eastern Libya

Original article


F.S. Rakas, R.S. Hooda, S.K. Kochar, A.A. Hadi

Department of Surgery, Al- Arab Medical University, Benghazi, G. S.P.L.A.J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol.13, No.1-2. January/July 1990:30-36


A review of 268 patients with breast lesions over a 5-year period (January 1981 to December 1985) at the “7th April” Hospital Benghazi, Libya, is presented. Mammary dysplasia was the commonest lesion (38.8%), followed by fibroadenoma (26.6%) and carcinoma (24.6%). The pattern of breast lesions is different from that reported from the West or from Africa. Benign, as well as malignant, lesion are found to occur in younger age groups in comparison with western countries. In our series, every fourth case of breast lesions was cancer. The commonest pathological finding is infiltrating duct cell carcinoma (72.7%) followed by Medullary (12%) and anaplastic (9%). The total number of patients with breast lesions including cancer are increasing significantly (15%) per year. It seems that Libyan women are aware of breast cancer as most of our patients reported in early stage. The prognosis can be improved if the women at risk are provided with screening facilities.

Keywords: Breast Cancer in Eastern Libya