Breast feeding in Libya: an epidemiologic study.

Original article


El-laithi S.

New Egypt J Med. 1991;6(1):161-5.


PIP: The practice of breast feeding is rapidly declining among Libyan mothers. A study was therefore conducted in Libya to determine the prevalence and duration of breast feeding in relation to mothers’ age, parity, education, employment, and other factors; to learn why women stop breast feeding; and to teach mothers about the merits of breast feeding. 1277 randomly sampled mothers attending the vaccination rooms and pediatric clinics of polyclinics at eight different areas throughout Libya were surveyed. Residence had no effect upon the prevalence of breast feeding. 49.65% of the mothers were currently breast feeding their children, while the remainder had stopped breast feeding their current child before the interview. Mothers’ positive attitudes toward breast feeding ran counter to their actual practice and breast feeding duration was positively correlated with the age and parity of lactating mothers. The prevalence of breast feeding was highest among illiterate mothers, but the relationship was not statistically significant.

Keywords: Breast feeding in Libya: an epidemiologic study.