Bronchoconstrictor effect of exercise in healthy Libyan children in Tripoli.

Original article


Sagher F, Hweta A.

Al-Fatah University, Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

East Mediterr Health J. 1999 Mar;5(2):350-3.


To study the effects of short-term exercise on pulse rate and peak expiratory flow rate in healthy Libyan schoolchildren, 650 healthy students (330 boys, 320 girls) aged 4.5 years to 14.9 years were selected from four randomly chosen Tripoli primary schools. Pulse rate and peak expiratory flow rate were measured at rest in standing position and immediately after rhythmic short-term exercise. Exercise markedly increased pulse rate (mean differences being significantly higher in girls than boys) and markedly reduced peak expiratory flow rate (mean difference being significantly higher in boys than girls). We found 10% of the children had a reduction in peak expiratory flow rate > or = 15% from the baseline.

Keywords: Asthma,Exercise-Induced,Bronchoconstriction,Exercise,Peak Expiratory Flow Rate