Burkitt’s Lymphoma in Eastern Jamahiriya

Original article


D.B. Gahukamble, A.S. Khamage

Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Garyounis Univ.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 18. 1995-1997: 74-78


Geographic distribution of Burkitt’s lymphoma in Eastern Jamahiriya is unknown. A study of 63 consecutive children in a single unit over a period of 11 years revealed certain interesting features. The Burkitt’s lymphoma in this region affects very young children below the age of 10 years. Contrary to the expectations. Jaw involvement in Libyan children was infrequent and affected 3/63 (4.7%) children, whereas small intestines and ileocaecal region was involved in 33/63 (52.35) patients. The study also revealed that the patients resided only in the lowlands of coastal region extending from Tobruq in the East to Ras Lanuf in the West. No patients came from the desert towns. In the coastal region of Jamahiriya the weather is hot and dry and the average annual rainfall is very low and also in this region malaria is not prevalent. These climatic and clinical features suggest that Burkitt’s lymphoma in Eastern Jamahiriya is not similar to that of Burkitt’s lymphoma found in equatorial Africa. This indicates that in our region, some other unknown cofactor of Burkitt’s lymphoma is present. This paper may evoke further epidemiological studies not only in the eastern region but also in the entire Jamahiriya.

Keywords: Burkitt’s Lymphoma in Eastern Jamahiriya