Calcipotriol in the treatment of childhood vitiligo.

Original article


Gargoom AM, Duweb GA, Elzorghany AH, Benghazil M, Bugrein OO.

Dermatology Department, Jamahiriya Hospital, Benghazi, Libya.

Int J Clin Pharmacol Res. : 2004;24(1):11-4.


Eighteen patients with a clinical diagnosis of vitiligo, aged between three and 12 years (mean 8.9 years), were enrolled in this study in order to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of topical calcipotriol in the treatment of childhood vitiligo. Six patients (33.3%) were males and 12 were females (66.7%). Fourteen patients (77.8%) had focal vitiligo, two (11.1%) had mucosal vitiligo and two (11.1%) had segmental vitiligo. The face was involved in 11 patients (61.1%). The treatment was applied twice daily as 50 microg/gm cream in nine patients and as ointment in the remaining patients. Treatment assessment was carried out clinically at 2 weeks, and then monthly for 4-6 months. Four patients (28.6%) were excluded from the study (one due to irritation and three due to lost contact in follow-up). Fourteen patients (71.4%) completed the treatment course (> 3 months). Of the treated patients, ten (77.8%) showed improvement and four patients (22.2%) had no response. Among responders, three patients (21.4%) showed complete resolution, four (28.6%) showed 50%-80% improvement and three patients (21.4%) showed 30% to < 50% improvement. Only one patient (5.5%) developed irritation. In conclusion, calcipotriol is an effective treatment in vitiligo. Better results are obtained with ointment than with cream. Calcipotriol can be helpful in children in whom potent steroids and PUVA are not advisable. Keywords: Calcipotriol,vitiligo,children Link/DOI: