Carcinoma Cells In Direct Peripheral Blood Smear (Carcinocythaemia)

Original article


Santalal Jain, Noel S. Al-Sakkal

University Of Mousl, Iraq, Mousl, Geryounis University, Libya, Benghazi

Saudi Med J. 1983 April, 4 : 123-128


Nonhaemopoietic malignant cells were identified directly in a routine peripheral blood smear from a patient not known previously to have a neoplasm. The malignancy was q later confirmed from a lymph node biopsy. The patient died a week later. Only 7 such cases (Carey et al. 1976, Dannaber et al. 1979, Ejeckam et al. 1979, Finkel & Tishkoff 1960, Krause 1979, Myerowitz et al. 1977, Rappaport 1963) have previously been reported in which carcinoma cells were seen in Romanowsky-stained peripheral blood smears without the application of concentration techniques. The presence of highly abnormal cells in the direct peripheral .

Keywords: Carcinoma Cells In Direct Peripheral Blood Smear (Carcinocythaemia)