Cardiac Diseases in Libya

Original article


K. J. Elkhayri, O. A. Dabaat, Y. S. Daoud, S. M. Dbobba

Cardiac Departments, Tajura Hospital and Central Hospital, Tripoli.

Al Fateh Med J Vol .2, No. 1. July 1982:1-4.


In a three year period, 3,087 patients were seen in the Cardiac Department of the largest Libyan Hospital. Eighty point seven per cent were less than fifty years old and there was a slight male preponderance. Rheumatic disease (41.82%) was the commonest disorder, followed by congenital (22.09%), ischaemic (18.23%), hypertensive (12.01%) and various other heart diseases (8.56%). Two hundred and seventy five patients underwent heart surgery either before or during the period of the study. The most common presenting symptom was dyspnea on effort.
We feel, this study has been fairly extensive and has been conducted in circumstances which suggest that a reasonably true pattern of heart disease in Libya has been recorded.

Keywords: Cardiac Diseases in Libya