Causes and Evaluation of Female Pelvic Floor Prolapse



Mustafa Bulugma

Department of Obstetric and Gynaecology, Zawia Teaching Hospital,Zawia, Libya

JMJ 2007,Vol.7, No.4:244-249


Pelvic prolapse is one of the most common problems especially in old women a gynaecologist deals with. One in nine women in the United States suffers from prolapse, of those that undergo surgery; 25-30% will have a recurrence due to poorly understood reasons. These reasons may include inaccurate preoperative diagnosis, poor surgical technique and poor tissue quality of the patient. For better results one should be very familial with the structure of the female pelvis and methods of investigation. Prophylaxis plays an important role in prevention of these problems.

Keywords: Genital prolapse, lateral cystography, Vaginal pressary, Internal urethral meatus (IUM), Sacro-coccygeal inferior pubic point (scipp-line), Intravaginal sling (IVS).