Causes of spontaneous pneumothorax (Benghazi experience)

Short communication


Mustafa Elburjo and Mittal Gupta

Thoracic Surgery Department, Aljala Hospital
Faculty Of medicine, Garyuonis University
Benghazi- Libya

JMJ Vol.5 No. 1 (Spring) 2006: 64-66


Background: Spontaneous pneumothorax(SP) is one of the common problems that present to the thoracic surgeon. The condition is not uncommon in Libya. Causes of SP are a major concern to all physicians and to our knowledge its profile is not well documented in Libya Patients and Methods: To investigate this problem the medical records of 150 patients, admitted in the period between June 1998 and October 2002, were studied. Results: Primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP) was found in 112 (74.7%) patients, and secondary pneumothorax in 38 (24.4%) patients (emphysematous bullae, tuberculosis, post pneumonia, single lung cysts). The initial treatment was tube thoracostomy and in 17(11%) patients thoracotomy was needed. The main indications were persistent air leak and recurrence after tube removal. The usual operative findinings were subpleural blebs which were dealt with along with pleural abrasion as a mean of mechanical inflammation so that the two pleural surfaces adhere together. No pleurectomy was performed. There were no mortalities. In conclusion, the main causes were idiopathic which affects young people followed by emphysematous bullae and tuberculosis. Our traditional methods of management were effective and safe and with no recurrences.

Keywords: Pneumothorax, Spontaneous, Persistent air leak. Primary, Secondary