Cemento-ossifying fibroma occurring in an elderly patient: A case report and a review of literature

Case report


Abdulbaset Dalghous 1 , Juma O. Alkhabuli 2

1-Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Pinderfields General Hospital, Aberford Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire; 2-Oral Pathology, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sharjah, PO Box 27272, Sharjah, UAE.

Libyan J Med, AOP: 061220 (published 22 December 2006)


Cemento-ossifying fibromas (COF) are benign lesions affecting the jaws and other craniofacial bones. They commonly affect adults between the third and fourth decade of life. Radiographically, they appear as well-defined unilocular or multilocular intraosseous masses, commonly in the premolar/molar region of the mandible. The lesion is invariably encapsulated and of mixed radiolucent densities. The tumour may grow quite extensively, thus the term aggressive is some times applied. Their clinical, radiographical and histopathological features and those of fibro-osseous lesions are overlapping and may cause confusion in classification, diagnosis, and treatment.
The histopathology is composed of fibrous tissues with calcified structures resembling bone or cementum. Surgical enucleation or resection is the treatment of choice. They are insensitive to radiotherapy and recurrences are uncommon. This case report presents a case of COF in 70 years old female patient that was asymptomatic.
Clinically, there was an expansion of the buccal plate but not the lingual plate of the right mandible. The covering mucosa was normal and there was no tenderness or paraesthesia. Radiographically, the lesion extends superio-inferiory from the alveolar ridge to the area of inferior dental canal and mesiodistally from the premolar region to the retro-molar area. The lesion was of mixed radiolucent densities. The patient was followed up periodically for 5 years without any treatment. The patient continued to be asymptomatic with minimum changes. Occurrence of cemento-ossifying fibroma in patients over 60 years of age is unusual and had not been reported. The clinical, radiographic, histopathology and literature review are discussed.

Keywords: Cemento-ossifying fibroma, Non-aggressive cemento-ossifying fibroma, Mandible.

Link/DOI: http://www.ljm.org.ly/articles/Mar07/AOP061220/AOP061220.pdf