Childhood and Adolescence Malignancies in Libya a Retrospective Study

Original article


M. N. Huda

Department of Medicine (Radiotherapy),Faculty of Medicine, University of Al Fateh, Tripoli.

Al Fateh Med J Vol .2, No. 1. July 1982:31-36


A retrospective study on childhood and adolescence malignancies carried out in the Radiotherapy Department of Ibn Nafees Hospital shows that the common childhood and adolescence malignancies are malignant lymphomas, leukaemias, bone tumours, Wilms’ tumour, neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, soft tissue sarcomas, brain tumours and undifferentiated carcinomas. Further analysis of data shows that retinoblastoma, neuroblastoma and Wilms’ tumour occur almost exclusively in early childhood. Bone tumours (osteogenic sarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma) on the other hand, occur mostly in late childhood and adolescence, and are very rare in early childhood. The other malignancies are more or less distributed uniformly throughout the childhood and adolescence years.
The common tumours found among the children and adolescents in this study’ are also the common childhood and adolescence tumours in other countries of the world. The age incidences of some of the malignancies in this study’ and in other parts of the world are also strikingly similar.
Although the cases in this study are likely’ to be selective and not without bias they’ are not considered completely’ unrepresentative.

Keywords: Childhood and Adolescence Malignancies in Libya a Retrospective Study