Choanal Atresia



A. Dugdug, F1. Abuaiana, M. Mansour2

1) Department of Surgery -Elfateh University Tripoli-Libya, 2) Tripoli Central Hospital

JMJ Vol.3 No.2 (September) 2004: 23-28


Choanal atresia is a major nasal anomaly, which results from the congenital failure of one or both posterior nasal apertures to communicate with the nasopharynx, i.e. it can be unilateral or bilateral. As the newborn infant is an obligate nasal respirator for the first one to three weeks of life, bilateral complete choanal atresia causes asphyxia and may even death if was not diagnosed and treated promptly. Review of medical literature was done; nearly 400 papers dealing with this topic have been published in about 250 years. Aetiology, clinical features, diagnostic procedures, and different ways and routes of management of choanal atresia are discussed.

Keywords: Choanal Atresia, congenital nasal anomaly, and ‘Charge’ syndrome