Choroid Plexus Carcinoma Imaging in Adults

Case report


Emmanue Mathew 1, Prasant Bhatt 2

1-Afia Clinic, Tripoli 2- Libyan Swiss Clinic, Tripoli Libya

JMJ 2010,Vol.10, No.1:72-74


Choroid plexus carcinoma is a rare malignant tumour in adult, more commonly prevalent in children. We report the case of a 60 years old patient who presented with headache and ophthalmoplegia. Physical examination showed ocular palsies of cranial nerve III and IV, mild papilloedema and visual disturbances, features of mildly raised intracranial pressure. MRI imaging of the brain showed a lobulated heterogenous mass lesion in the occipital horn of right lateral ventricle which produced intermediate signal on T1WI,T2WI & FLAIR, strong Gadolinium enhancement, entrapment of temporal horn of the right lateral ventricle resulting dilatation, indistinct lateral margin was evident. Significant perifocal vasogenic oedema suggest transependymal tumour invasion, no intralesional flow voides was seen. A diagnosis of choroid plexus carcinoma was made based on the MRI imaging finding.

Keywords: Choroid plexus, Nuclear pleomorphism and Hyperchromasia