Common viral warts: A case series and review

Case report


El-Sherif AI.

Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Arab Medical University, Benghazi, Libya

Libyan J Infect Dis. 2009;3(2):49-53


Warts are common benign tumors caused by a group of DNA viruses known as Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV). These benign growths are classified by their clinical features and morphology or by location. HPV can be transmitted from one person to another either by direct contact, or indirectly. Trauma and maceration facilitate initial inoculation. The present paper describes three cases with cutaneous viral warts on different sites of the body with a possible spread by autoinoculation. The diagnosis, classification and current therapy for cutaneous warts are also discussed.

Keywords: Autoinoculation, common warts, verucca vulgaris, viral warts.