Comparative Study of Progressive Versus Constant Taper Ni-Ti Instruments in the Preparation of Curved Root Canals

Original Article


Mohamed Issa El-Foghi

Department of Conservative Dentistry, Dental School, Al-Fateh University Tripoli, Libya

JMJ 2009,Vol.9, No.2: 126-130


The curved canals can prove very difficult to prepare to their natural shape by conventional techniques and there is always the likelihood of iatrogenic damage. To compensate for this, many dentists tend to underprepare these canals leaving them inadequately cleaned and difficult to fill to length. The purpose of this study was to compare the Protaper and Hero shaper rotary Ni-Ti instruments in preparing different curved canals in terms of changes in curvature, remaining dentin thickness and transportation. Our results indicated that Hero shaper instruments maintained the curvature of the severely curved canals better than Protaper and also had less transportation in the apical region while in moderately curved canals, both systems were safe.

Keywords: NiTi (Nickle – Titanium), Protaper, Hero shaper, Curved canals.