Complication of thyroid surgery

Original article


M.EL-awami, A. Glessa, N. Mital

Department of Surgery, Jala Hospital, Garypunis University, Benghazi, Libya

JMJ Vol. 2, No. 3 (March 2003): 41-42


The aim of the present study is to define the incidence of complication in 84 patients from 1996 to 1998. There were 2 cases (2.3%) of temporary hypoparathyroidism due to transient hypocalcaemia. Complication of recurrent Larengeal nerve (RLN) injury was not common and only one case (1.1%), a 76 year old female developed a temporary hoarseness of voice and recovered in 3 months. Two cases (2.3%) of primary haemorrhage and one case (1.1%) developed wound infection. Hypoparathyroidism, not RLN injury, is the problem to be discussed to determine the volume of thyroid tissue to be resected while performing total thyroidectomy

Keywords: complication – thyroidectomy – Recurrent Larengeal nerve (RLN) – Hypoparathyroidism