Contribution To The Study Of Blood Eosinophilia In Recurrent Bronchitis In Children

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Aleksandar Stojancov, Radoslav Zivic, Arebi Darif, Novica Dimic, Laslo Pataki, Caslav Vekovic, Mirjana Radulovic, Vojislav Covic, Ljiljana Vuco, Zorka Popovic, Dragan Jakovljevic, Ibrahim Jarrata

Zuara Med. J. (1979) Year 1. No. 1: pp. 37-43.


Recurrent bronchitis in children is a complex medical problem. Numerous laboratory examinations have partly clarified its pathogen mechanism. Blood and tissue eosinophilia take different course in the diseased than in normal children. Our study had a specific target. In the course of 1978, clinical and laboratory studies were made in the children suffering from recurrent bronchitis, by means of a suitable questionnaire. Blood eosinophilia performance and course occupied a significant place in the study. It was examined on the first, third and sixths day of the disease. Peripheral smear was stained with standard technique. Determination of percentage of eosinophilic leucocytes was made by their count up to 500. There were 30 children in the study, from 1 to 14 years of age. The children came from different localities: Zuara (5), Azelet (11), Zmelj (8), Regdalin (3), Sabrata (2) and Tripoli (1). There was certain difference in the treatment of the children. Average recordings of eosinophilic leucocytes were the highest on the first day (8.9%), significantly lower on the third (5.5%) and the lowest on the sixth day (4.1 %) On the first day, of manifested symptoms there were 26.7 children with normal values of eosinophilic leucocytes, on the third already 46.7% and on the sixth the most of them (73.1 %).

Keywords: Contribution To The Study Of Blood Eosinophilia In Recurrent Bronchitis In Children