Could Spontaneous Retroperitoneal Haematoma Present with Scrotal Mass? Mini-review and a case report

Case report


SS Qader 1, M Palm 1, B Veljkovic 2

1 – Department of Clinical Science, CRC (UMAS), University of Lund, Malmِ, Sweden 2 – Department of Radiology, Sunderby Hospital, Luleه, Sweden

Libyan J Med 2009; 4(3):E168-171


Background: Retroperitoneal haematoma could be caused by different factors. It is increasing due to an increase in the use of antithrombotic and anticoagulant therapy. Diagnosis of retroperitoneal haematoma forms a big challenge in daily clinical practice. Patients with retroperitoneal haematoma could present with leg paresis, abdominal pain, shock or abdominal compartment syndrome. Retroperitoneal haematoma could be treated conservatively but surgical interference or embolization of the bleeding vessels is always an option. Objectives: To present a case with spontaneous retroperitoneal haematoma presenting with scrotal haematoma together with a mini- review of retroperitoneal haematoma. Conclusions: Retroperitoneal haematoma may present with a scrotal swelling and could be treated conservatively depending on the presentation and severity of the bleeding.

Keywords: Retroperitoneal haematoma, Scrotal swelling, Bleeding, Anticoagulant therapy, Antithrombotic therapy