Cow’s milk protein intolerance; Hospital based study

Original article


Amira Shabash1, Asthma Shagleb1, Rabia Gwedar1, Meloda Rajab2 and Fauzi Sagher1

1) Department of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, TMC; 2) Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Elfateh University, Tripoli, Libya

JMJ Vol.4 No. 3 (Winter) 2005: 202-205


In order to determine the frequency of cow’s milk protein intolerance in our hospital, and to categorize the clinical presentations, a retrospective study included 20 infants below the age of 1 year, admitted to Tripoli Medical Centre in the department of Paediatric gastroenterology and hepatology from 1-1-1999 to 30-6-2003, diagnosed as cow’s milk protein intolerance clinically, laboratory and by clinical remission on cow’s milk free diet. Data collected coded and analyzed using SPSS program and Excel. This study showed that 65% of patients were below 6 months of age, 90% of patients presented with gastrointestinal tract symptoms, 47% of patients had high peripheral eosinophilia and 88% had high IgE antibody and 100% of cases had high Beta-lacto globulin IgG when investigated. In Conclusion: Cow’s milk protein intolerance is not uncommon problem, the frequency in this study was 2%, the majority of patients presented during the first 6 months of age and several systems are involved.

Keywords: Cow’s milk protein, Hospital based, Protein intolerance