Detection of Bacteria in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Original article


Elyousfi Masaoud A., Ramadan Abdoalbast, Tbeny Nabil, Alaiwany Narges, Almagerhy Reem.

Health Inspection Office-Tripoli Medical Center (TMC)

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 21, No.1. 2004:83-87


Background: Bacterial infection in newborns is mainly a problem in premature babies, and those receiving intensive care due to reduced defenses against infection. Such an infection, may be acquired nosocomial or congenital. Many or most nosocomial bacterial pathogens in the hospital environment are resistant to several antimicrobial agents. Objective: This study was performed to: 1-isolate and identify bacterial isolates, and their sources in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Tripoli Medical Center (TMC), Tripoli- Libya. 2- Asses their susceptibility to different antibiotics. 3-investigate the reasons for high mortality rate among newborns. The present study was conducted between 1998 and 2003 during several interval visits to the (NICU) at (TMC). Materials and Methods: Several duplicate samples were taken from 3 (NICU) within the (TMC) and examined using standard bacteriological procedures. Results: 20 bacterial isolates mostly gram negative aerobic, and facultative anaerobic bacteria were isolated from a total of 145 samples during 11 visits to 3 (NICU) within the MC), and identified, and all were considered to be clinically significant as a cause of serious nosocomial infections in this high risk group of patients. The most contaminated samples were those taken from the incubators and water used with the incubators. Most bacterial isolates were resistant to most antibiotics tested. Conclusion: several bacterial isolates were identified most of which were resistant to most antimicrebial drugs tested. Hospital records show high mortality rate within the (NICU) in (TMC) due to: 1-complication of prematurity (the leading cause of death among newborns in (NICU) 2-sepsis. 3-seplicemia. 4-birth asphyxia. – 5-congenital anomalies. 6-Infections.

Keywords: Neonatal intensive care units, newborns, newborns incubators. nosocomial infection, mortality, antibiotics, antibiotics resistance, gram negative bacteria, S. sureus, S. epiderrnidis.