Does iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) raise the threshold of febrile seizure? A Hospital Based Study

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Bughrara S. I, Warad K. M., Qasim M., Saity A.

AL Fateh Childern Teaching Hospital, Benghazi, Libya

JMJ Vol. 4, No. 1 (Summer 2005): 64-65


One hundrad and thirty seven children aged 6months to 2 years,diagnosed as febrile seizure in 10 month duration . Blood was taken from every patient for: Hb, (MCV):Mean Corposculer Volume, (RDW):Red cell Distribution Width, Serum iron and serum ferritin. Hb ‹ 11 g/dl, MCV ‹ 72 FL and RDW › 14.5% considered an indication of IDA. 22/137 showed Hb less than 11g/dl with mean of 8.7 g/dl.Versus Hospital Control patients 28/90 (31%) showed Hb ‹ 11g/dl with mean 9. 2 g /dl. All 22 patients were confirmed by serum iron with mean of 39(range of 25-57 ug/dl) and serum ferritin with the mean of 7 ug/dl (range of 2.23- 10 ug/dl).Although Iron is an important element to the human brain Iron Deficiency anaemia didnot play a major role in raising the threshold of seizure in this study.

Keywords: Iron deficiency -Anaemia – Febrile Seizure