Effect of Active Management of Labour on the incidence of caesarean section for dystocia in nulliparous

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H. Legnain

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya

JMJ Vol.3 No.1 (March) 2004: 52-53


Active management of labour has been pursued as an alternative to caesarean section for the treatment of dystocia in primigravida at National maternity hospital in Dublin. All reports from them showed lower incidence of caesarean section without detriment to the mother or child. This study aims to find out the effect of active management of labour on the rate of caesarean section for dystocia in primi at our hospital. We had 1000 consecutive primigravida between January and July
1999. 99.2% of them were admitted with pain and show, 45.3% had S.R.O.M, 25.5% had no intervention, and 35.2% had ARM, 18.1% had ARM+ oxytocin and21.2% had oxytocin only. 99.5% were delivered within 12 hours, 0.5% after 12 hours: 0.3% by caesarean section, 0.1% by vacuum and 0.1% spontaneous. 84.2% had spontaneous vaginal delivery, 9.8% had vacuum,
0.6% had forceps, 5.4% had caesarean section, 1.8% for dystocia, 1.4% for foetal distress and 2.2% for the others. 96.8% had birth weight between 2.5-4kg and 3.2% had birth weight more than 4 kg. 98.3% of the babies were delivered with good Apgar score, 1.4% had moderate asphyxia, 0.2% had severe asphyxia, 0.1% stillbirth not related to active management. We had 0.4% perinatal mortality also not related to active management of labour. No maternal mortality. We had 1.3% of mild maternal morbidity. The study suggests that active management of labour reduces the duration of labour and the incidence of caesarean section for abnormal labour in primigravida without detriment to mother or foetus. Aim: To known the effect of active management of labour on the incidence of caesarean section for dystocia in primigravida cases in our hospital

Keywords: Active Management of Labour, caesarean section, dystocia

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