Effect Of Application Of Growth Retardant ALAR On Some Foliage Characters of Local Cultivar of Chrysanthemum

Original article


O. M. El-Sheibany, N.A.El-Malki, A. Barras-Ali

1-Botany department, Faculty of Science, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya 2-Al- Fateh Center for Gifted Students, Benghazi, Libya

Journal of Science and Its Applications Vol 1, No 2:15-20 (September 2007)


The use of chemical growth retardants to produce shorter plants of good quality has become Commonplace in the florist industry. In this investigation, a local cultivar of Chrysanthemum morifolium was treated with growth retardant ALAR as a foliar spray at different rate. The results revealed that * Treated plants, compared to untreated, were significantly shorter in stem length, internodes length associating with increased in stem diameter.
* The short foliage stature was proportional with the concentration of ALAR.
*ALAR application had no effect on apical dominance, flower initiation and
time of sprouting of auxiliary buds.

Keywords: ALAR ; Chrysanthemum; Stem diameter; Internodes length; Flower number

Link/DOI: http://garyounis.edu/jsciapp/v1_2/15-20.pdf