Effect of secretin on gastrin release from gastrinoma cells in vitro.

Original article


Elkhammas EA, Gower WR Jr, Woltering EA, O’Dorisio TM, Sparks J, Fabri PJ, Ellison EC.

Surgery. 1986 Dec;100(6):948-53.


Secretin appears to have a direct effect on gastrinoma cells, which results in a paradoxic increase in the serum gastrin level in patients with the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. To evaluate this effect, gastrinoma cells were challenged with secretin in acute cell dispersion or after 2 weeks in culture. Acutely dispersed cells were incubated for 15 minutes or 3 hours with and without secretin 10(-6) mol/L. (sec). There was no significant difference in gastrin release between control and sec groups in the two acute incubation periods. At 15 minutes the control value was 47 +/- 1 and the sec value was 54 +/- 1 ng/ml, while at 3 hours the control value was 59 +/- 1 and the sec value was 61 +/- 1 ng/ml. In the cell culture preparation, secretin stimulated gastrin release at all doses (control 463 +/- 85, SEC 10(-10) mol/L 603 +/- 37, sec 10(-8) mol/L 706 +/- 37, sec 10(-6) mol/L 798 +/- 48 pg/ml ([p less than 0.05, Student t test]). These results indicate that secretin stimulates gastrin release directly from cultured gastrinoma cells in a dose-dependent manner but does not stimulate gastrin release from acute cell dispersion. This might be attributed partly to the recovery of secretin receptors in the cultured cells.

Keywords: Effect of secretin on gastrin release from gastrinoma cells in vitro.