Erythema Muliiforme—A Clinicoetiological Spectrum

Original article


A. J. Kanwar, Gurmohan Singh

Department of Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Garyounis, Benghazi, S.P.L.A .J.

Garyounis Medical Journal Vol. 4, No.1. January 1981:27-29


Erythema multiforme was observed in 161 patients during a 3 month study accounting for 0.96 percent of all dermatological disorders. The severe form of the disease, Stevens- Johnson syndrome, was encountered in only 5 cases. In less than half the cases, it was possible to suspect a cause for erythema multiforme. Infections with beta hemolytic streptococci an.d aspirin allergy were most commonly incriminated.

Keywords: Erythema Muliiforme—A Clinicoetiological Spectrum