Evidence Based Medicine (Part Two) – (The Five Steps)



Fauzi A Sagher

Faculty of Medicine- Al-Fateh University.Tripoli -Libya.

JMJ Vol.1, 7 No.3 (Autumn) 2007:158-161


Practical EBM requires, in sequence, a clear delineation of the relevant clinical question, a thorough search of the literature
relating to the question, a critical appraisal of available evidence and its applicability to the clinical situation and a balanced
application of the conclusions to the clinical problem.Balanced application of the evidence involves integrating research
data with clinical expertise, judgment and with patient and social values. EBM is not an end in itself, but a principle, a tool
that helps clinicians distinguish ignorance of evidence from real scientific uncertainty and distinguishs evidence from
unsubstantiated opinions and ultimately provides better patient care. This article expands on the above five steps of EBM.

Keywords: EBM, Question, Evidence, Search, Appraisal, Application, Evaluation

Link/DOI: http://www.jmj.org.ly/editorials/autumn2007/editorial_1.pdf