Experience Of Treating Chronic Back Ache Following Lamninectomy At Jordan University Hospital, Pain Unit

Original article


Bashir Atiyat

Pain Unit at Jordan University Hospital, Amman, Jordan.

Sebha Med J. 1998;Vol.1(2):94-98


60 patients as chronic back pain were referred to the pain unit at Jordan University 1ospital (JUH), after they had laminectomy done. Half of this group received epidural and caudal block.
Both groups were given the same mixture of drugs (Lignocain 1% plane and Marcaine ).25% and depomedrol) followed by a fixed regimen of physiotherapy (Interferential, ultrasound, swimming and training for the back muscles).
During the study time, the non tolerable pain was treated with Diclofenac (Voltaren tab.). After seven months follow up, it can be concluded that the epidural caudal block in one setting reveals .he same results as the caudal block.

Keywords: Chronic, Back pain, Laminectomy, Fibrosis.