Facial Clefting In Arab Infants

Original article


Nisar A. Mir, A. Soni, J. Kishan, W. Galczek

Sher-I-Kashmir Tute Of Medical Sciences, India, Sringar and Arab Medical University Of Garyounis, Libya, Benghazi

Ann Saudi Med. 1988 May, 8 : 206-208


Over a period of two years, 32,332 consecutive live-born babies were surveyed for facial clefts. A total of 17 patients with facial clefts were identified. After exclusion of the cases with other major congenital anomalies, the overall incidence of the facial clefts was 0.28/1,000 live births (alveolar, 0.12; postalveolar, 0.09; and prealveolar 0.06/1,000 live births). Maternal history of epilepsy and/or anticonvulsant drug intake was not present. There was a family history of facial clefts in four infants. Advanced maternal age and high parity were observed in seven (P < 0.05) and six (P < 0.05) cases, respectively. Six of the eight infants with major malformations died, with an overall mortality of 35.3%. Keywords: Cleft Palate, Infancy And Childhood Link/DOI: