Familial spastic paraplegia, axonal sensory-motor polyneuropathy and bulbar amyotrophy with facial dysmorphia: new cases of Troyer-like syndrome.

Case report


Bertini E, Sabatelli M, Di Capua M, Cilio MR, Mignogna T, Federico A, Tonali P.

Department of Paediatric Neurology, Bambino Gesu Hospital, Rome, Italy.

Eur J Paediatr Neurol. 1998;2(5):245-54.


We studied two Libyan siblings, born to healthy consanguineous parents, who had suffered from a progressive neurological disorder, characterized by facial dysmorphia, ataxia, spastic paraplegia and an axonal sensory-motor polyneuropathy, since the age of 3 years. The clinical picture progressed slowly over a 6-year period to involve also bulbar and distal limb muscles. Interestingly, we found unusual tubulofilamentous inclusions in peripheral nerves and presynaptic buttons at the neuromuscular junctions. Describing the clinical picture of this presumably new disorder, we comment on the difference from similar conditions.

Keywords: Troyer-like syndrome; Familial spastic paraplegia; Axonal sensory-motor polyneuropathy; Bulbar amyotrophy; Facial dysmorphia

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