Febrile Convulsion In Libyan Children

Original article


Ali Sheiba, Suliman El Bargathy, Nun M. Shembesh, E. M. AbdelRahman.

Department of Paediatrics, Al-Arab Medical University and Al-Fatah Children’s Hospital, Benghazi, Libya.

Sebha Med J. 1999; Vol. 2(1):4-6


The clinical picture of 197 children presented with febnile convulsions and admitted to Al Fateh Children’s Hospital, Benghazi during the year 1989 was studied. Cases were divided into 2 recurrence groups; a high and low risk groups, the high recurrence risk group was further divided into 3 treatment subgroups. Cases were more in the winter and in the early summer. Upper respiratory tract infections were the causes of fever in 80.3% of cases. The temperature at presentation was between 39 C and 40 C in 47% of cases. 30% of convulsions were described as complex type. Positive family history was present in 25% of cases. Recurrence rate was 26.8% and 10.6% in the groups sequentially. Sex and family history were not a factor associated with increased risk of recurrence. Age less than 1 year, temperature less than 39 C; and complex type were associated with higher risk of recurrence. In our study there was no difference in the recurrence rate between different treatment groups.

Keywords: Febrile Convulsion In Libyan Children