Fiber-reinforced composites in fixed partial dentures



Sufyan Garoushi,Pekka Vallittu

Department of prosthetic dentistry and biometerials science, Institute of dentistry, University of Turku, Turku, Finland.

Libyan J Med, AOP:060802 (published 28 August 2006)


Fiber-reinforced composite resin (FRC) prostheses offer the advantages of good esthetics, minimal invasive treatment, and an ability to bond to the abutment teeth, thereby compensating for less-than-optimal abutment tooth retention and resistance form. These prostheses are composed of two types of composite materials: fiber composites to build the framework and hybrid or microfill particulate composites to create the external veneer surface. This review concentrates on the use of fiber reinforcement in the fabrication of laboratory or chairside-made composite-fixed partial dentures of conventional preparation. Other applications of FRC in dentistry are briefly mentioned. The possibilities fiber reinforcement technology offers must be emphasized to the dental community. Rather than limiting discussion to whether FRC prostheses will replace metal-ceramic or full-ceramic prostheses, attention should be focused on the additional treatment options brought by the use of fibers. However, more clinical experience is needed.

Keywords: fiber-reinforced composite, fixed partial dentures, particulate resin composite, framework.