Fibrinogen as Prognostic Marker for Acute Strokes

Original article


Emhemed Elhemmali ¹, Jِrg Slany²

¹-Medical department. Cardiac Unit, Misurata central hospital University of 7th October, Misurata, Libya ²- Cardiology Department, Rudolf Stiftung Hospital, 25 Juch Gasse University of Vienna 1030 Vienna, Austria

JMJ Vol. 7, No. 2 (Summer 2007):132-135


A lot of different data suggests that fibrinogen is a powerful predictor for coronary heart disease. Less data exists on strokes while most of it does not investigate the differences between stroke types, locations and neurological outcomes. We conducted an analysis on patients with different fibrinogen levels based on data from the Austrian Stroke Registry (ASR).Our aim was to determine the prognostic values of fibrinogen levels in different types of strokes. We found low fibrinogen levels seem to be a positive predictor for neurological recovery. There is evidence for a poorer neurological outcome in patients with high Fibrinogen levels.

Keywords: ASR: Austrian Stroke Registry, Fibrinogen levels