Foreign Bodies In Otorhinolaryngologic Practice

Original article


Predrag Petrovic, Pavle Dokic

Zuara Med. J. (1979) Year 1. No. 1: 63-66.


Foreign bodies raise serious problems in otorhinolaryngology. Patients followed for 18 months are presented here. There were 3627 patients of whom 112 or3.08% with foreign bodies in otorhinolaryngologic area. In one case with foreign body in the ear, inflammation of ear canal was to be managed, first. There were no cases of foreign bodies in larynx or bronchi. Foreign bodies were met only in the nasal area and were traumatically introduced. In two cases malignom was suspected in esophagus along with a foreign body. Both patients were referred to a larger medical center. Standard extraction methods were applied. There were no complications after extraction.

Keywords: Foreign Bodies In Otorhinolaryngologic Practice