Fractures Of Facial Bones In Benghazi

Original article


Gaballah K.Y.

Faculty of Dentistry, Garyounis University Benghazi, Libya

Qatar Med J Vol.9, No. 1.December 2000:36-38


Four hundred and thirty three patients with various types of fractures of facial bones were studied and analysed together with statistics related to the etiology, site, age and sex. Sixty per cent of the cases were below 30 years of age. The male to female ratio was 5.5:1.
Sixtyfourper cent had fracture of the mandible alone, with fracture of the body of the mandible accounting for a quarter of the total number of cases. Only twenty per cent had fractures of the middle third of the face.
Injuries from road traffic accidents were the major causes of fractures in 258 patients (59.6%), followed by fights in 99 cases (22.9%) and falls in 69 cases (16%).

Keywords: Fractures Of Facial Bones In Benghazi