Gastroduodenal pathology and H. pylori Cag A status

Original article


Ramadan Elamyal1, W Zegarski2, Khalifa Abdulfatah1

1)Department of general surgery, Ibn Seena Hospital,Sirt.
2) Department of general and vascular surgery, Dr Jurasz clinical Hospital, Bydgoszcz city, POLAND

JMJ Vol.6 No.1 (Autumn) 2006: 24-26


This study describes the relationship between the different H. pylori antigens and the pathology of stomach and duodenum in Libyan adults. Gastric biopsies were obtained from 45 patients who had gastriduodenoscopy in the endoscopy unit.

Bacteriological and histological assessments of mucosal biopsies were carried out by an experienced pathologist according to Sydney classification and Huston modification. 5 ml of blood were taken from all patients for IgG antibodies anti CagA, and other H. pylori proteins using Euroimmun Helicobacter pylori, Western-blot and Elisa test.

Conclusion: patients with positive CagA have severe gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Keywords: H. pylori, CagA, Cytotoxic strains, Gastroduodenal pathology